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Travel apps for 2016

From social and networking apps to itinerary tools and Cloud storage, here's our definitive list of travel apps that we can't live without and will definitely be using in 2016...

1. Tripit

This clever little app collates all your travel bookings into one master itinerary; lets you view your itinerary anytime, from any device – even when you're offline; syncs your travel plans with your calendar; and stores essential travel documents in one place. Upgrade to Tripit Pro and get a whole lot more including real-time travel alerts, alternative flight suggestions and notifications for when the seat you want is available.

Download from Apple iTunes and Google Play

2. Google Drive

Today's business jetsetters no longer need briefcases full of important documents, they just need access to Cloud storage like Google Drive. Drive starts users with 15GB of online storage, which can be accessed across multiple platforms and devices including smartphones, tablets and computers. All files are backed up safely, so you can't lose them, and can be shared with others – who can view, edit or leave comments.

Download from Apple iTunes and Google Play

3. Docusign

Contracts and legal documents are part and parcel for any business traveller. With the DocuSign mobile app, users can prepare and send documents for signature, complete in-person signing, and get instant visibility on your document status directly from their smartphone or tablet.

Download from Apple iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and Windows Store

4. City Hour

If you're travelling to a city/country for a conference or event, why not meet up with contacts or potential new clients? The CityHour app quickly syncs with your LinkedIn profile enabling you to locate contacts both in and out of your current network that are open to scheduling face-to-face meetings. It's a great way to expand new business efforts, explore career opportunities and create beneficial new partnerships.

Download from Apple iTunes

5. Twitter

Twitter is not only a great social tool for friends and family but it can also be an important asset for businesses. It's a great way to keep up date with the latest news/blogs from clients and potential new business, build relationships with influencers and more importantly the use of hashtags etc allows you to follow specific conversations relevant to you or your industry.

Available at iTunesGoogle Play and Microsoft

6. Packing pro

There is, of course, a definite art to packing but remembering what to pack is another thing. Thankfully this nifty app can help remedy this and not just for holidays – you can create lists for anything, anywhere and anyone. Choose from a range of sample lists or customise your own, create multi-person lists, sync with your IOS devices, share with fellow travellers/family, and attach photos to items so you know exactly what to pack.

Download from Apple iTunes 

7. Jetlag Genie

This is a great app to help your body adjust to new timezones and reduce the effects of jet lag. It works by creating a customised plan of action based on your flight info and sleeping patterns. It will also send your notifications on the best times to wake, sleep, get sunshine, sit in the dark, change the time on your watch and take a nap...

Download from Apple iTunes

8. XE Currency

No traveller should leave the country without this super useful and accurate currency app. Easy to use, it offers live exchange rates and stores the last updates so you can keep using it when there's no internet available. It's had more than 25 million downloads making it the most downloaded foreign exchange app.

Download from Apple iTunes, Google Play, Blackberry and Windows 

9. Wi-fi finder

A recent study by American Express Global Travel showed that wifi tops the list of essential technology business travellers need to keep them productive on the move. Covering over 650,000 locations in more than 140 countries, the Wi-fi Finder app means you can quickly and easily find free or paid wifi. Not only that but you can also download locations for when your offline and filter by providers and location type. It will also give you direction for your nearest hotspot.

Download from Apple iTunes and Google Play

10. TripAdvisor

While you're away on business, this go-to app is a great resource for honest reviews (more than 225 million of them!) to help you make informed decisions. Use it for great suggestions for places to eat, things to do and attractions to visit, download maps, add reviews and find out what's near to your location. You can also find flights and accommodation.

Download from Apple iTunes and Google Play

There are so many amazing travel apps out there, we found it incredible hard to whittle them all down! Have you got a travel app that you would recommend? We'd love to know... Simply let us know on our Twitter page @_CTMtravel using #ctmtravelapps.

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