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The Importance of Duty of Care

The events in Paris and Brussels last month have refocused the importance of knowing where travellers are at any given time. The role of a TMC has never been more important in terms of supporting its clients with their duty of care policy providing valuable data on the whereabouts of travellers.

Having the support and the back up in place should something go wrong is vital for any business. In fact, in the UK there are heavy penalties in place for companies that don't have a duty of care process in place.

As an established TMC, we make it a priority to work with our clients to provide a process and service that meets their needs – a one-size-fits-all approach doesn't always work.

In-country Expertise

With new destinations and emerging markets (of Africa, Asia and South America) shaping the way businesses travel, duty of care is adapting to follow suit. Where in the past knowledge of well-trodden business areas has been in abundance, these new destinations mean that an in-depth knowledge of the area, its infrastructure and climate, as well as local health concerns, safety and language, are still required.

Last month's terrorist activity saw our operational team play a vital role in locating and supporting travellers in Brussels. Having the ability to contact the traveller and assist with onward or alternative arrangements was welcomed by both traveller and the organisations keen to establish their movements.

Technology in the Field

At CTM, technology is a fundamental part of our business and never more so than in today's volatile climate. It's not just security incidents that that can threaten traveller whereabouts, service disruptions like strikes, the weather and even natural disasters all highlight the importance of a robust duty of care process.

Using live mapping enables us to plot the locations of travellers when staying at a hotel booked in our systems. It means that wherever you are in the world, we can gather the relevant information you need to for that country, city, suburb etc – and it means we can advise you within minutes of a security alert in your area.

Communication is key and using the latest channels to reach travellers is our goal. Here are just some of the methods available:

  • Traveller mobile apps for real-time schedule updates; add/edit travel plans, as well as share amended itineraries with institution/colleagues
  • Email and SMS update
  • CTM social media – regular travel alerts and disruption updates
  • CTM website – relevant updates as and when needed
  • 24/7 emergency helpline up-to-date travel policies

Up-to-date Travel Polices

As technology and business travel changes, we strongly recommend to our clients that they keep their travel policies up to date with the latest travel options available – and highlight the importance of using a TMC through internal communications. Not only can TMCs save businesses money but they can offer clients the most up-to-date travel information, as well as the right support when required – often not available for those booking travel independently.

It's clear that no matter what situation arises while you're travelling, whether it be political, environmental or personal, knowing that there is support team in place can be the reassurance you need to conduct your business trip smoothly.

For more information about CTM and how we can work with you on your duty of care process, please email or call 0845 470 8702.

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