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In the past 50 years business travel has come a long way. In fact, as I write this article, today (17 December) is Wright Brothers' Day – the original pioneers of aviation. Without them would we be where we are today? No doubt, but whether your business travel is national or international, by rail, air or boat, it plays an integral part of any company.

Since the days of the Wright Brothers, business travel has thankfully become a lot easier and companies can jet off to pretty much all corners of the world. With this in mind, we thought we'd have a look at where business travellers have been travelling to over the past year...


The top countries to travel to in Africa are South Africa, Ghana and Mozambique, but must-see places like Cape Verde, Madagascar and Namibia have made a few appearances too.


With China topping the list of emerging economies, it's no surprise then that China and Hong Kong are the most-travelled to countries in Asia. However, South East Asian countries like Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam are also becoming popular, while our more remote destinations and the least travelled to places include Sri Lanka, Philippines and Mongolia.


This comparatively small eco zone is made up of lots of islands, including the biggest and most-visited ones: Australia and New Zealand. But our travellers have also been island hopping to the likes of Fiji and Papua New Guinea.


Some of our more intrepid travellers have found their business has taken them as far afield as Svalbard and the Jan Mayen Islands, as well as Iceland and Georgia. While the more everyday travellers have headed to Germany, closely followed by Spain and Italy.

Middle East

The most visited areas are, of course, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar, but the once no-go zones of Iraq and Kuwait and even Afghanistan are also being visited – if only in small numbers.

North America

This huge continent should really have its own separate list, as the USA is by far the most-visited country. As you'd expect, Canada follows closely behind but with far few numbers... The more unusual places for business travel include Trinidad and Tobago, Antigua and Barbuda and Barbados.

South America

Again, an absolutely enormous continent! Brazil, Mexico and Columbia are all at the top with the likes of Peru, Guatemala and Cuba being the more unusual.

As business travel continues to grow year on year with more destinations being added to the global travel network the future is bright. What the UK desperately needs now is the airport capacity to be able to link with these global locations and ensure the UK can compete on the global stage and is prepared for growth. See our feature on why airport expansion is so important

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CTM data from 1 January to 30 November 2015

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