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December Travel Trends with Globetrender

Professional Poker Travel


Our clients travel on business for all sorts of purposes of course, but this was a new one on us. It may seem frivolous to the uninitiated, but the world of professional poker is a serious business indeed.  Meet the people who frequently travel around the globe to take part in international poker championships. See how they travel and what makes them tick.

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The Serious Science of Cocktails


Here's some useful insider info for you, whether you want to impress a new business prospect over a quick, sophisticated liquid lunch on your next trip or you simply need to source some new recipes for the coming months. A team of 3 crack mixologists from around the globe fill us in on the increasingly scientific way that cocktails are mixed. So just what is rotovapping and fatwashing exactly and why do they matter?

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Itinerary IQ


We know that time is such a precious commodity for the average business traveller and many simply don't get to plan how they will use their downtime in a new city. Of course many rely on the expert insight provided by their travel management provider like CTM, but might some be tempted to go further and try out this new itinerary planning service provided by travel bloggers and other influencers? Start up IQPlanner, which describes itself as “Lonely Planet meets TripAdvisor', is a new trip planning platform where travel planner contributors can earn money from sharing their travel itineraries.

Read Globetrender's interview with their CEO Dmitrijus Konovalovas.

Hotel Health Hacks


For the perpetual road warrior, finding ways to stay fit and healthy while living out of your suitcase is often easier said than done. So it's heartening to see that some hotels are now acknowledging this issue and coming up with ways for travellers to keep in trim while they're away from home and their usual routines.

Read Globetrender founder Jenny Southan's article for BA on six innovative ways hotels are upping their fitness game, from on-site boxing rings to hotels with a running track on the roof. 

​That's it for this month. We look forward to delivering more travel trend news for you in 2018.

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