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Business travel – what we learnt in 2015

As the year end fast approaches, CTM Managing Director Jackie Lacey reflects on the high and lows of business travel in 2015....

A positive year for the industry

CTM has been encouraged this year by the continued growth in the UK economy. This trend is reflected in our own business, as our clients continue to travel and get out there in front of their clients to promote business. Strong growth in the US market has also driven sales, particularly in the technology sector.

The role and support CTM provides its clients has never been more important. With the rapid changes we are seeing in the market with new travel technologies, coupled with the potential for new distribution and booking channels, the market is becoming ever more complex.

Choice and flexibility through technology

Travel technology is clearly benefiting the traveller giving them greater choice on how they plan and manage their journeys. Take a look at our article last month on Travel apps for 2016, the appetite for more technology and greater efficiency has really taken off in 2015.

Multichannel booking options

CTM has listened to its clients appreciating the ever-increasing pressure to reduce the cost of travel. Our aim as a business is to continue to invest in our systems – enabling us to pull pricing and product from multiple sources.

As growth of the Internet and mobile technology continues, we see the option to use a mobile solution becoming more attractive to individual travellers. As a business we are researching ideas and monitoring client feedback to create solutions that work for all.

Customer safety

What’s really important is that whatever channels are being used to book travel, whether it’s through the branch or online, CTM can track and report on traveller whereabouts. The global risks we all face have seen a re-focus on traveller security within organisations. CTM has spent time guiding clients on the area of policy, while putting into place more stringent arrangements in the event of a security alert.

A holistic approach for the future

Ultimately, our aim for 2016 is to take the best product and supplier services the market has to offer and provide a seamless solution to our clients - a changing market brings new ideas and opportunities to those businesses who have the vision.

CTM is looking to provide a holistic approach to travel, looking at all aspects of the customer journey whether travelling for business or leisure.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our clients for their continued support this year and we wish you all a prosperous 2016.

Jackie Lacey

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