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The benefits of booking with a travel management company

Time versus budget is often the debate when businesses consider using a travel management company (TMC). With the rise of the shared economy and Airbnb, plus improved online booking systems, we take a look at why TMCs are still the safest and most cost-effective solution when booking and organising business travel.

7 reasons to book with a TMC


1. A wealth of expertise and industry knowledge

An excellent account manager should come as normal. One with industry knowledge and the expertise to give you the most appropriate travel solutions for your needs.

2. Save time

TMCs have access to the latest negotiated fares, rates, availability and more, meaning your travel requirements can be met much quicker than if you were to search and make your own travel plans. Discussing your travel needs and requirements in advance with your account manager means that you can focus your time on your job while your TMC arranges the logistics

3. Reap the benefits of a TMC's professional partnerships

CTM has comprehensive partnerships with airlines, hotels and many other travel suppliers, all of which give us (and you) access to preferential rates – not always accessible through standard online booking systems.

4. Save money with consolidated reporting

A TMC will provide you with expert analysis of your travel spend and be able to offer cost-effective solutions that best meet your requirements. At CTM, we provide complete data analysis, which is consolidated in MI reporting. This allows you greater insight and control over your travel spend and also eases your travel management. You can also track your spend, while efficient reporting will highlight areas you may be able to increase your savings in.

5. Access the latest travel technology

CTM can offer online booking and comparison tools to give you access to bespoke booking systems, as well as special hotel rates and automated client bookings.

6. Feel safe while you're travelling

Wherever your business takes you, using a TMC will ensure the necessary measures are in place to help monitor your whereabouts and provide support where needed in the event of an emergency. At CTM, our traveller tracking service comes as standard providing organisations with the reassurance that their duty of care policy is being managed.

7. Fare finder expertise

TMCs know the best places to stay at, the best ways to get to places, and have a wealth of top tips for destinations all over the world – helping you to get the most out of your trip without overspending.

Independent travel bookings

As a business traveller you might want to handle the reins yourself. You may have personal knowledge and/or arrangements in place that mean you can arrange elements of travel without the need for assistance from a TMC.

However, a good TMC will be able to work with you and therefore offer you 24-hour assistance and duty of care. If you’re looking for a streamlined, efficient and cost-effective service and want to take advantage of some of the best online booking tools in the market then using a travel management company could be the solution.

At CTM we benefit in having both the travel technology and the travel expertise to look after all your travel requirements. Benefiting from 25 years of experience and knowledge, our stance within the travel industry (both in the leisure and business sector) means we can provide excellent corporate travel options, a high level of account management and services that will help you get the most out of your business travel.

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