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November Travel Trends with Globetrender

This month we bring you the cream of the crop of travel trend news articles from our friends at Globetrender.

Hyperloop Unveils 10 Routes


Entreprenuer Elon Musk's much-anticipated high speed public transport project Hyperloop One has announced 10 potential routes for roll out from 2021 onwards. Using innovative magnetic levitation technology, Hyperloop will dramatically cut journey times for long haul land routes, cutting the 3.5 hour Liverpool to Glasgow train journey down to just 35 minutes, for example.

The shortlisted routes include four in the US, two in India, one each in Canada and Mexico and, crucially, two here in the UK: Glasgow to Liverpool and Edinburgh to London.

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Peer to Peer Travel Money


Would you swap travel money with a total stranger in order to secure a more competitive rate and make your sterling go further? It sounds like a bold move, but that's precisely what the world's first Peer-to-Peer travel money app WeSwap offers.

Read Globetrender's interview with their CEO Jared Jesner.

Battery Powered Planes


Now that electric cars are already among us, it's not too surprising that other forms of transport will become more sustainable too. Battery-powered flight could be closer than you might think, thanks to a pioneering project from easyjet. They're working with US-based engineers Wright Electric to build a passenger plane that can manage a two-hour flight. Routes planned for the project include London to Paris, London to Amsterdam and Edinburgh to Bristol.

Read the full story on Globetrender.

Travel Tech Start-Ups


We don't need to tell you that nothing stays still in the world of online travel for very long. Globetrender's roundup of the top seven travel tech start-ups to watch includes HotelChamp, which helps hoteliers personalise their booking experience, Paris-based VizEat, which claims to be the world's largest social eating platform, multi-modal booking system Gopili, international medical platform Medigo, boat renting app Zizoo, private jet sharing site Stratajet, and TravelPerk.

That's it for this month. We'll have more innovative travel trend news stories for you in December.

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