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Employee Wellbeing Benefits



The Employee Well-Being Benefits of Bleisure

Business travel can be seen by many as a valuable perk in itself, but we know that companies are increasingly focused on ways to keep their staff motivated and valued.

Here at CTM we have seen an increasing number of travellers looking to extend their business trips, taking advantage of relaxation opportunities at the end of a busy work schedule.

Holiday Pay & Staff Benefit Offers

Schemes which allow staff to buy or sell annual leave days are nothing new of course, but there is plenty of scope for forward-thinking employers to innovate staff sabbaticals and day release to pursue professional courses are on the up.

Bleisure Travel as an Incentive

We’ve talked about this growing trend before, and it’s one that’s not going away in a hurry. As this 2016 article from Travel Weekly Magazine states bleisure is far more than just another travel buzzword.

Bleisure simply means the blurring of lines between business and leisure travel. Increasingly we’re seeing clients wishing to extend their business trips by adding a few extra days to their stay, exploring their destination making the most of the opportunities there, and perhaps even building in some leisure time with their partner and family.

Our anecdotal findings tie in to a wider trend. A consumer survey cited in that same article above found that ‘17% of leisure trips now include a business element’, an increase from 14% in the previous year.

From the business traveller’s perspective, bleisure is a key way to restore some balance to their busy working lives.

Travelling for business may seem fun and glamorous to some outsiders, and indeed it can be just that, but the truth is that it can often be a stressful and draining experience, so it’s important to maximise productivity through a little bit of carefully planned relaxation.

The Global Business Travel Alliance's 2015 Business Traveler study also found that ‘67% of business travellers thought it was important to be able to extend business trips with leisure add-ons, while 36% of those surveyed had done so within the previous three months. About half brought spouses or other family members.’

Ideal Destinations for Bleisure

Most major cities are entirely suitable for a bleisure trip of course. Any destination you may be travelling to which offers some sights, attractions, or simply has good food, drink, shopping or other diversions is eminently suitable for a leisure add-on.

You can read about some of our favourites in our growing series of Destination Insight articles, which we add to each month. Some recent cities we’ve spotlighted include Copenhagen, Munich, New York and Hong Kong.

So the next time you book your travel with CTM, don’t forget to ask us about leisure add-ons and feel free also ask us for suggestions about what to do in your destination. We’re here to make your life easier after all.

4 Simple Ways to Help you Relax on Business Trips

Go for a long walk when you arrive

Once you’ve checked in to your hotel and got your bearings, there’s no better way to dust off the cobwebs after that long flight than by hitting the streets, which will help orientate you as well. Better still, find a riverside walk or a nice, big park you can stretch your legs, get some exercise and clear your head.

Book a Quality Restaurant for your First Night

Whether you’re dining alone or with a colleague, it pays to do a little pre-trip research and book a nice, quiet restaurant for your first evening in a new city. Go easy on the wine though. You don’t want your meeting clouded by a hangover, especially compounded by jetlag!

Silence your Notifications

In our hectic business lives, it can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking that you need to be switched on, and available 100% of the time. But there’s a lot to be said for taking time out and ‘seeing the wood for the trees’. One way you can calm yourself in preparation for any business meeting is by choosing a certain cut-off time.

Perhaps by say 9pm, you can have a rule that you switch your phone’s notifications to silent. Also try not check your phone if you wake during the night (when your phone is more likely to be within easy reach on your nightstand) and consider getting apps like Lux which gradually adjust the brightness of your phone screen as the day wanes.

Phone Home

Business travel can be a lonely affair. A little human contact goes a long way, so timezones permitting, remember to make time for a quick skype / facetime chat with friends, partners or loved ones before you turn in for the night.

And if you’re feeling nervous about a big presentation or new client meeting the next day, remember that it’s the people who know you best who are best placed to be your personal cheerleaders. So tell them if you’re feeling anxious and get the reassurance you need.

Yes, you can always text or use WhatsApp to check in of course, but you won’t get the same human touch.

Our recent article on business travel tips, tricks and hacks contains lots more advice to help travellers maximise their efficiency on the go, and our business travel stressbusting guide suggests a number of ways for to combat the stress and loneliness of constant corporate travel.

Of course CTM’s comprehensive duty of care offering means that you can relax and enjoy full peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that we’ve got you covered, no matter where you may be in the world.

Company Bike Schemes

We don’t need to tell you that sustainable travel and business practices are on the rise - and rightly so. One sustainable practice which your company could employ to assist with this - and also boost flexible working - is a company bike hire scheme. Look into the Government’s Bike to Work website for more information on this.

Of course you could also investigate company car sharing schemes too. We know that there’s a lot of progress being made in the fast-developing field of mobility and fleet management. Look out for more from CTM on that topic in the coming months.

We do hope you’ve found these tips on travel incentives for employee well-being useful.

As ever, feel free to contact us by email, or via our social media channels if you would like to add to the discussion and suggest some tips of your own.


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