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60 Seconds with Vibe Systems

60 seconds with... Vibe Systems

Matt Chapman

This month we catch up with Matt Chapman, Chief Technology Officer at our friends and partners Vibe Systems, who power many of our fantastic online travel booking tools.

1.     Tell us a bit about Vibe please Matt, what do you do and how do you work with CTM?

Vibe is a software company building booking engines for leisure and corporate travel agencies. As sister companies within the same group (P&P Associates), we work very closely with CTM allowing great collaboration between sales, marketing, technology and operations staff.

This unique relationship means we can provide a unique travel management service. With a core focus within the whole business on agility, our corporate booking engine evolves quicker than many of our competitors, allowing us to constantly innovate and stay abreast of the rapidly changing travel and technology arenas.

2.     What are business and leisure travellers looking for in a booking tool?

Simplicity and time saving. Nobody wants the hassle traditionally associated with booking travel. With long queues for check in and security, trains you can't find a seat on, gridlocked motorways and unfathomable car hire fees, travelling is stressful enough already!

At Vibe we build our corporate travel solution with the same ethos that we build in to our leisure tool. Bookers don't want to be trained on a complicated system, they want it to be intuitive and just work.

By building a booking tool that builds on the same user interface we provide to consumers, we go a long way towards streamlining the challenges of finding the best travel deals, while also meeting your corporate travel policy.

3.     The way people book travel is constantly changing, how do you keep up with so many evolving trends and make sure you're ahead of the competition when it comes to travel technology?

CTM are just one of many clients that use the Vibe platform. We have a unique approach to our software which means all our customers use the same software, just with various modules switched on and off as required.

This means that, unlike a lot of software companies, we're not bogged down with maintaining dozens of customer websites. Once we develop a new feature it's available for everyone immediately, meaning we spend our time improving things, rather than treading water as our competitors race past us.

4.     How can business travellers benefit from the CTM/Vibe partnership?

It's rare for a travel management company to work so closely with their technology provider. As part of the same group, our staff all meet up regularly - and as everybody knows face to face discussions allow far quicker progression than endless email chains, conference calls and laborious technical documents.

Our development team is based in the UK and have all been working in travel technology for 4-15 years. When customers want to build new features or functionality into the booking engine, our teams all understand the agency's aim and can provide excellent feedback on how the Vibe platform can be improved to help them achieve those goals.

5.     What travel technology trends should travellers keep an eye on in the coming months and into 2017?

Information is key. And as technology advances, getting hold of that information and connecting it all together is a vital area for the future. With instability in unexpected regions of the world, knowing where your staff are as news breaks is really important.

As a traveller, you want to know your travel arrangements are in safe hands and that any changes will be convenient and with you quickly, whereever you are in the world.

Even as you travel through airports or unusual cities, knowing how to get around and what arrangements have already been made for you is important.

Nobody wants to sift through a thick stack of paper to find a specific important document. With growing adoption of wearable technology, travellers expect relevant information immediately, but non-intrusively on places like their wrist.

Matthew Chapman
Chief Technical Officer, Vibe Systems Ltd

Learn more about the many benefits Vibe's innovative booking technology can bring business and leisure travellers, both on our site and via their own website

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