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Booking Flights Online

Booking Flights Online

To book flights using our system make sure you have selected the “Flights” Option from the booking menu:

Enter the details of your journey:

Depending on how your organisation is set up, from the “Select Passenger” field you may have a choice of your name, the nemaes of people you can book travel for, or the option to select a guest traveller. 

If you are able to book for more than 15 people, this field will be a free-text search instead of a drop-down:

After searching you will see results sorted as "Flights by Price"

You will then be able to filter by Airlines, Connections, Baggage Allowance, Travel Time, and Price.

Each result will show a Travel policy indicator (right), a ? icon to display more information (right) and any more flights that can be slected in the same price bracket (bottom)

Alternatively you can choose "Flights by Time" from across the top of the results area. This will let you find more specific flight tomes, or create a flight itinerary by combining two different airlines.

Additional time filters can be used (right) in addition to the airline and connection filters.


Clicking on a result will expand the flight information, and show travel policy status. Click "add flight" at the bottom of the expanded result to add it to your itinerary:



On the extras page you will be able to add baggage, extras, and if available upgrade your flight to Premium / Business / First or fully flexible:


Then simply complete the confirmation page and select "Book Now".