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Change Your Details

Change Your Details

By selecting ‘Your Details’ you will be presented with a page that allows you to update your personal details, passport details, travel preferences, update your password and change loyalty numbers. 

Updating your password

To change or update your password, locate the ‘Password’ section of the account details webpage (as shown below), enter your desired password credentials, then click ‘Save Changes’.

Editing traveller details

After selecting ‘Your Details’ the first section of the page you will be presented with is the ‘Edit User’ section. From here, you are able to edit your username and personal details by simply editing the fields, then clicking ‘Save Changes’ at the bottom as shown below:

Data Fields

The ‘Data Fields’ section of the edit user page allows users to edit their…

Passport Information, Travel Preferences & Frequent Flyer Numbers

The ‘Passport Information’ section of the edit user page enables users to add or amend passport details. By entering passport details this information then auto-populates at the stage of booking, which can prove to be very time effective. Once you have entered the desired information, be sure to select ‘Save Changes’ at the bottom of the page!

The ‘Travel Preferences & Frequent Flyer Numbers’ enables users to edit their travel preferences such as meal preference, which will then also auto populate.