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Destination Insight Library

Here at CTM we pride ourselves on our expert knowledge in all things travel. This is where you can read up on all of our Destination Insights over the last few months – a library that continues to grow month on month.



1. Cape Town [October 2015]


2. San Francisco [November 2015]


3. Barcelona [December 2015]


4. Rio de Janerio [January 2015]


5. Frankfurt [February 2015]


6. Beijing [March 2015]


7. Amsterdam [April 2016]


8. Hong Kong [May 2016]

9 Helsinki (June 2016)

10 Seattle (July 2016)

10 Vienna (August 2016)

Dublin (May 2017)


Lisbon (April 2017)


Munich (June 2017)


Copenhagen (August 2017)


If you have any extra insights and knowledge on the destinations we've already covered – or indeed other business travel destinations you know well – that you'd like to share with us, then please do let us know.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and share knowledge. Email or contact us through our Linkedin page or via Twitter.

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